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Water Damage Restoration - 520-762-4340

Water Damage Restoration

Call Immediately for Water Damage Services

When a home or business in Tucson is flooded by rainwater from a storm, broken plumbing fixtures or an overflowing sewer line, it is time to contact our Tucson water damage restoration company for immediate assistance. Our company’s technicians are trained in the processes necessary to remove moisture quickly from a variety of surfaces so that your property avoids any secondary water damage. When customers contact us, we can arrive within an hour at a commercial or residential property with a service van filled with equipment and cleansers that are required to clean a building quickly and efficiently.

Tucson Water Damage Company

Our Tucson water damage restoration services begin by evaluating the problems in the property and identifying the source of the invading moisture. For small amounts of water damage, we can use the building’s electrical outlets to source the power to operate industrial-strength equipment. However, if the power is turned off because of high-levels of moisture, our technicians use the generators located on our service vans. To reduce the humidity in a building, we install dehumidifiers and circulating fans. If the water damage is localized to one area of a building, then we seal off rooms to avoid further contamination.

How Our Water Damage Specialists Remove Moisture

When a building’s lower levels are flooded with deep water, our technicians use a pump to remove the moisture before it damages the foundation and seeps up into the walls. Next, we begin to remove water from wall-to-wall carpets and floors with extraction machines. Our technicians start the moisture extraction process along the baseboards to capture water before it damages insulation and electrical wires. In some cases, we must lift and remove water-soaked carpets to suction moisture underneath the materials. Contact our Tucson flood damage restoration company for assistance today.

Professional water damage restoration companies will finish all the necessary repairs and set up everything necessary to effectively and efficiently clean and dry your property, like blowers, fans, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, floor driers, and anything else thats needed. A lot of times, a commercial wall driers are used to circulate air throughout the property and dry out water beneath the surface. The main objective is to clean, dry, and sanitize the area and prevent further deterioration  of the property.

The steps needed to be taken for effective water removal mostly depend on the extent of the damage. Factors include the amount of water, the duration of the incident, and of course, how much damage has actually occurred. Also, the property’s physical structure has a lot to do with the overall water damage restoration project. A large water damage project is likely if it involves crawl spaces, ceilings, insulation, duct-work, severe damage to the carpeting, drywall, and structural foundation of the home or business. Big restoration projects should only be entrusted to experts. It will obviously be more costly than if you did it yourself, but you will be assured of getting the restoration project completed correctly and get the best value for your hard earned money, making it money well spent.

Call Tucson Water Damage Pros at (520) 762-4340 for all your water damage restoration needs.

No one does water damage restoration better than we do – contact us now at (520) 762-4340.