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Tucson Water Damage Restoration 520-762-4340

Tucson Water Damage Restoration

Tucson Water DamageWater damage is a lot more than  just staining and discoloring from water. The excess water from leaks or flooding can cause a lot of damage, such as toxic mold growth, bacterial growth, and deterioration to the very foundation of your property. When you have water damage, you’ll want to have it cleaned up by professionals that know how to handle these problems. Tucson Water Damage Pros is one of Arizona’s premiere water and mold cleanup companies, ready to take on even the worst cases of water damage.

Contact us any day, any time at (520) 762-4340. Our Tucson water damage restoration experts are standing by to help you through this catastrophe.

We offer all of these services as part of our water damage remediation services:

• Water extraction
• Structural drying
• Dehumidification
• Mold removal
• Sewage cleanup
• Complete sanitization
• Odor removal
• Flood repair
• Damage assessments
• Billing to insurance
• 24/7 services

Tucson Water Damage Companies

Certified Water Damage Specialists – 
All members of our experienced team are certified in water damage clean up. As part of their extensive training, they’re also certified in Health & Safety, Mold Remediation, Floor Care, Odor Control and Fire & Smoke Restoration.  This training means our experts are able to tackle just about any kind of water damage, no matter how big or small. To make sure that our team stays up to date on industry practices, they regularly receive additional training. We understand our customers are in a stressful situation, so we hold our team members to the highest level of customer satisfaction. They’ll be polite and take the time to make sure all your questions are answered.

Water Extraction – 
After making sure the property is secure, the first step of the water damage remediation process is to remove water. Standing water is removed with truck-mounted pumps. It can then be removed from within surfaces using commercial-grade wet vacuums. With some surfaces, loike hardwood floors, water is removed with squeegees and injection-dry systems.

Water Drying and Dehumidifying – Its extremely important to get remaining water out of surfaces as fast as possible. Otherwise, mold will begin to grow. This can lead to many complicated problems and you may be forced to evacuate your home until the health threat is eliminated. To get your home dry as quickly as possible, we use powerful air movers. They cause water to evaporate. Our professional dehumidifying systems then catch the water vapor and remove it from the air so moisture is kept at safe levels. Using technology like infrared cameras and moisture detectors, we check for moisture to make sure all areas of your home are dried, even surfaces you can’t see, such as behind walls and sub-floors.

Mold Remediation and Bio-hazard Cleanup
 – Mold and bio-hazards often follow water damage. Our specialists are trained to eliminate these hazards so your home can be restored to a safe living condition. Biocides destroy mold on surface areas and fogging makes sure mold spores won’t spread. If necessary, swe can also provide complete sanitization services. We take care of everything, including debris removal.

Tucson Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Cleanup Companies

Our Equipment 
-  At Tucson Water Damage Pros we have invested in technology so we can get your home or business restored more quickly and efficiently. Here’s some of the equipment:

Water Removal Equipment

• Infrared moisture detection cameras and hygrometers for checking moisture saturation levels and finding hidden wet areas
• Submersible, truck-mounted, gas-powered, and portable pumps for removing standing water
• Wet vacuums for suctioning water from within surfaces

Drying Equipment
• Commercial air movers for evaporating water from surfaces
• Dehumidifiers for keeping air moisture levels safe
• Injection-dry systems for drying water from hard surfaces like wood floors

Mold Removal and Sanitation Equipment

• Biocides and disinfectants for killing mold, fungi, bacteria, and other bio-hazards
• Deodorizers for controlling odors which may result from water damage
• Sanitation products for cleaning sewage-contaminated items
• Sealants for sealing over sewage-contaminated flooring

The sooner you call for professional water damage services, the faster and easier the cleanup will be. Call us now for immediate assistance from Tucson’s premier water damage cleanup experts. We’re standing by to help you through this disaster. Call us at (520) 762-4340.